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Yipman, established here in Hongkong in 1999, is an independent, international kindergarten, nursery & preschool that provides a fun, friendly and challenging environment for children in the age range of 2-6. Our parents and children are mainly from the international community(HK).

Our education philosophy is based on the British national curriculum early education program (EYFS) of Chinese traditional culture such as wing chun athletic and our children learn through hand game method, gain a solid foundation of pre-school education skills in preparation for elementary school.

We pride ourselves on providing a homely and nurturing environment - where your child will feel safe and happy and enjoy their first experience of school.
The YIPMAN child has an active desire and eagerness to investigate, learn and to know about his or her environment.
The YIPMAN child displays enjoyment and imagination in approaching new things and ideas.
The YIPMAN child shows ability, competence and skill in their undertaking of tasks.
The YIPMAN Child projects self-reliance and belief in their ability to do well and succeed.
The YIPMAN child is conscientious, considerate and shows concern.

Testimonials Happy Kids, Happy Parents


“ We are extremely happy with Yipman and our son loves it. We feel lucky that we have been able to find a place that nurtures each child as an individual and helps our son to thrive....”
“ In his own words, "My school is amazing"....”
“ I would definitely recommend you (and do) as I think you create a very nurturing environment for children to flourish....”
“ We couldn't have been luckier in choosing this school for our twin boys. They settled in from the moment they walked into the classroom!...”
“ My son attended has attended Yipman for two years and we couldn't be any happier with a preschool! He immediately felt right at home in the warm cheery environment and with the friendly and superb ...”
“ Our son has really enjoyed his time at Yipman. His command on the English language has also developed significantly....”
“ Our children have had an excellent experience at YIPMAN, the warmth of all the staff has made it feel like a second home. Our daughter has thrived here and I feel the foundations have been set for...”
“ My daughter joined YIPMAN in January and shows tremendous enthusiasm when telling me about her day at school. More importantly, my daughter feels happy going to school and she feels comfortable ...”
“ We are extremely happy with Yipman and our Son loves it. We feel lucky that we have been able to find a place that nurtures each child as an individual and helps our Son to thrive....”
“ A well run school with great teachers onboard delivering excellent quality interactive and fun teaching for kids. Both our children attended the school and loved it. ...”
“ YIPMAN Kindergarten is the best nest for little ones age 2-6 years old. School might not be huge, but they have the best teachers and staffs to take care of your child(ren). Two thumbs up!!!! ...”
“ YIPMAN is a wonderful kindergarten where children are cared for in a very nurturing learning environment and I have seen my son flourish as a result....”
“ YIPMAN is a very small, friendly, caring, local kindergarten. The children are engaged and stimulated and produce a lot of very creative things as our walls and shelves can attest to. I couldn’t...”
“ Vivienne enjoyed her time at YIPMAN very much and the nurturing environment was perfect for her. We were all sad to leave the school and despite her young age, Vivienne will remember YIPMAN ...”
“ YIPMAN has provided a wonderful introduction to school for our son. YIPMAN provides a caring and fun environment for our child and it is now his home from home. It has been lovely to see his ...”
“ YIPMAN is a very happy kindergarten. My son very much enjoys coming to school. The teachers and teaching assistants are lovely and warm, but also very professional. YIPMAN isn’t a day care ...”
“ YIPMAN is a very warm & friendly kindergarten where my daughter has felt comfortable & settled since day one. She often comes home singing and telling stories from her day with great excitement ...”
“ It is a very inclusive kindergarten – our son developed so much as a person during his time with the kindergarten and enjoyed every day here. We felt we were part of this journey through regular ...”
“ YIPMAN welcomed Freddie with open arms and he has adored going. The vacation of the topics covered, the art work produced and the fun they have at school are all testament to what a wonderful team...”
“ My daughter has loved her time at Yipman and I have been one very happy mummy knowing she is in such capable hands. We are going to miss all the staff very much and we thank you for being such a ...”
“ I would recommend YIPMAN to any parent. My child had a great time with the team, good support in these early years that are critical and I could see every day that she came back happy after a good...”
“ My eldest son had a wonderful 3 years at YIPMAN Kindergarten – one year with the ever-bubbly Karen and 2 years under the gentle care of Tina. During this time, we saw him grow from a shy little ...”
“ YIPMAN is not the most convenient location for our family but it stood out from other kindergartens so much when we were viewing kindergartens that we felt that the location was irrelevant. We ...”
“ YIPMAN is a wonderfully happy place – you only have to enter the classrooms in the morning to see that the staff genuinely care for the children and that the children genuinely want to be there!...”
“ I fully recommend Yipman – I do so at every opportunity. What a lovely place to start your schooling experience. I love the way the teachers at YIPMAN have allowed my daughter to develop at ...”
“ YIPMAN is a very small, friendly, caring, local kindergarten. The children are engaged and stimulated and produce a lot of very creative things as our walls and shelves can attest to. I couldn’t...”
“ From Day One, my daughter came home and recited stories and songs that she’d learned during the day. When I left her in the morning, she smiled and when I returned in the afternoon, I got a huge ...”
“ Mia has now been at YIPMAN for over two years and Sebastian is starting this term. Our experience has been wonderfully positive, and Mia is loving her time there. Katie Terry, the owner, is very ...”
“ YIPMAN carries out an annual survey with parents to get formal feedback on how the school is doing and to identify areas for improvements. We are delighted to be able to share the results of the ...”
“ YIPMAN is providing a great start to schooling for my daughter. Not only does she have new learning experiences and exposure to all sorts of exploratory play, she loves going each day....”
“ I have the teachers and the lovely homely environment to thank for helping Chang to gain his confidence and happiness. He speaks significantly more now and clearer too. Thank you!!...”
“ My Twins love YIPMAN. They get excited when they know we are heading there and laugh and sing out “School”! in the back seat. Its an immense relief to know your children are genuinely loving ...”
“ Great school for parents who are looking for an intimate, personable, caring school. The teaching and support team are professional, loving, and fun people to work with, and we trust our son in their ...”
“ Choosing the right nursery for your child especially when you live abroad is not easy. We feel extremely lucky to have found YIPMAN. This is a very caring environment with extremely competent, ...”
“ At YIPMAN the teachers and staff are incredibly caring and provide a wonderful place for young children to feel comfortable, confident and excited to learn....”
“ The perfect soft entry for toddlers into a drop-off learning environment as you can rest assured the YIPMAN team will do everything to make your child feel safe, loved and both mentally + ...”
“ Rico has been very happy at YIPMAN – he has always been looked after well and has had a secure, enriching and fun time....”
“ YIPMAN is a fabulous school providing an energetic and caring environment for all the children involved. The teaching is of the highest standard and all children bounce into school with great ...”
“ I know he has a few months to go but nevertheless I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at YIPMAN for making Sam’s time so enjoyable. As you both know moving half way round the...”
“ YIPMAN is a wonderful mix of big little school. The curriculum prepares the children very well for their transition to big school but the school still maintains a warm & cosy environment without ...”
“ Liam has really settled in well to YIPMAN. Has not asked to go back to his old school. I was quite anxious about this transition as he has so many friends at his former school. We are continuing ...”
“ Amalie has had a wonderful time at YIPMAN and the friendly staff have made her and the whole family feel very welcome. She is so excited about coming each morning and has enjoyed all the ...”
“ A summary of the feedback is contained in this short report   2013 Parents Survey Summary ...”
“ Zara has had a fantastic first week. She is so happy to be going to YIPMAN and tells me that she has made some new friends already. I can’t tell you what a relief it is that she has settled in...”
“ Millie and Izzy will really miss YIPMAN and their friends there! I can honestly say it has been the best thing about our time in Singapore! We really appreciate all the kindness and friendship ...”
“ My three year old son Samuel attends YIPMAN Kindergarten and absolutely loves it! 

Recently while on school holidays we were dropping his Dad off to work and he said, ‘Mum, where’s my ...”
“ I have had the good fortune of already sending 3 of my 5 children to YIPMAN and cannot recommend it highly enough. The creative and nurturing environment is far superior to any other kindergarten ...”
“ As an expat, going on someone else’s recommendation, I could not have made a better decision for my child and his introduction to schooling and education. I really can’t say enough about the ...”
“ Wonderful caring teachers, great international community, and fun, educational curriculum! Over 8 years, my 2 children have thrived under the gentle care of Ms Tina and her team. Learning is adapted ...”
“ YIPMAN Kindergarten was the highlight of our 6 year stay in Singapore as Australian Expats. Tina Lim has touched the lives of all three of our children – she is one of those inspirational people...”
“ When our first child started school we did a thorough search for a place in Singapore where we believed that not only would she enjoy learning but her inner self would be recognised and cared for. We ...”
“ Sienna attended YIPMAN Kindergarten for two years , and what a great grounding she got for her next step to big school. She absolutely loved attending YIPMAN, and her teacher’s, Ms Tina and ...”
“ I would wholeheartedly recommend any child going to YIPMAN for as long as possible. The children are filled with confidence and learn kindness and tolerance of each other as well as the requisite ...”

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